April 2017

It is finished and it’s begun

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“It is finished.” These are the final words spoken by Jesus  on the cross before he died for all humanity. They seem conclusive, definitive and, perhaps at that moment, words of defeat?. But on this side of history, we know what comes next. We know who and what is defeated. And we know that Jesus is victorious. New life begins. Jesus claimed that he would be the firstfruit of the

Centre Court – review

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Last Friday, over 375 went down to the Air Canada Centre to witness a Toronto Raptors victory over the Indiana Pacers. While that was exciting, the post-game program became the focus. Patrick Mutombo, one of the Raptors assistant coaches, shared how Jesus impacts his life. He encouraged the students and leaders there to be boldly stand for their faith and stand strong. We also had two young adults from Glencairn

March 2017

Legacies in Youth Ministry

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Bringing the truth of God to the next generation isn’t unique to our time; it’s been happening for centuries. It’s a biblical mandate, too (cf. Psalm 78:1-8). So who has preceded you? It’s good for you to remember the people you are aware of that God has worked through to influence the upcoming generation. Those who have impacted you personally through mentoring Those who have made intangible (maybe even subtle)

Raptors 905 Faith/Family Event – review

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CBOQ Kids hosted the first ever Raptors 905 Faith/Family event last Saturday. Not only did several families get to witness the Raptors 905 clinch the Central Division title and got player autographs, they had a chance to hang out court-side afterwards. Herbie Kuhn, the voice of the Raptors, shared his experiences as the Toronto Raptor's PA announcer and team chaplain. More importantly, he emphasized how Jesus is first in his

CE-DR 2017: Day 9

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Home      #everyonebacksafe It's bittersweet, on one hand we feel great about what we were able to accomplish this week. Laying bricks and building the walls faster than our friends in charge of construction expected. On the other hand it's sad to leave the friends that we've made and partners in mission we've gotten to live and work beside the past eight days. We begun the day like any

CE-DR 2017: Day 8

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Cultural Day Before we left our hosts wanted us to soak in some more of the Dominican culture and explore what the city of Santo Domingo has to offer. We visited the Market, bartering for souvenirs and gifts for those back home. We toured the old city, the oldest European settlement in the New World. We also visited the Three Eyes, or Tres Ojos if you're from the Dominican Republic,

CE-DR 2017: Day 7

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CBOQ School and last day at Villa Altagracia This day was a lot of fun. In the morning the Harmony Road youth went to the CBOQ school and did multiple fun activities and gave lots of school supplies. Before we even walked into the school we could hear all the excitement the kids had. It was interesting how kids could find fun in things as simple as our stickers on a

CE-DR 2017: Day 6

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Walls and community Work Today was a great day! It started off with singing worship songs on the roof overlooking the city, which I always love. It is such an intimate time with everyone and this morning God's presence was definitely eveident. I had the song 'Always', which we sang , stuck in my head the entire time we worked. A highlight for me today at the work site was

CE-DR 2017: Day 5

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Back to work I was so happy to be a part of our team today. In the afternoon, we took a break from working and walked around the community of Villa Altagracia. We are the first people ever from the Lighthouse to work and walk around in that community. The people were so warm and welcoming to us. I can't wait to go back again and work tomorrow! -Brianna Today was a

This Week for March Break …

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THIS WEEK FOR MARCH BREAK... This week thousands of students are off school for March Break, which is  a prime opportunity for learning! Here are some examples of what some students are involved in this week: Compassion Experience, Dominican Republic: We have 23 students and leaders from three churches representing CBOQ Youth and International Teams in Los Alcarizzos. They'll be serving at the Lighthouse Project and the surrounding community. You

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