It takes time to make plans and organize the details for your group to attend large events, so with Centre Court, Avalanche and Blizzard coming up, here are some details to keep on your radar.

Avalanche Blizzard









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  • Avalanche and Blizzard registration begins on Tuesday, October 15. 
  • Centre Court starts on Tuesday, October 22 at 9am. 

All of these events have the potential to sell out. Be ready to register by phone or online; registration packages are on the website.



A reminder that CBOQ does not require individual waiver forms for these events (although the facility may require  an additional waiver; check your registration package). Instead, each group must submit a group contract, which outlines your responsibilities, including the assurance that your church has its own waiver form.



We know some students have different exceptionalities that may require specific accommodations. If anyone in your group requires accommodations, please notify us of the specific requirements, so we can do our best to support that individual. See your registration package for more details.



The CBOQ Grant Committee has funding available to cover some r bus rental costs. Applications are due by Tuesday, October 15. The application can be found at 


If you have any questions about registering for our events, or do you any assistance, contact Alvin by phone/text (416-620-2946) or email (