The registration process is a bit different this year.

  1. Download the promotional flyer and the registration package at or (select the appropriate weekend).


  1. Once you have an idea of the number of students and leaders planning to attend, register online.
  • Avalanche:
  • Blizzard 1:
  • Blizzard 2:

You’ll receive an automated reply with a copy of your registration. You’ll also receive an email from Alvin within 72 hours.

If you’d prefer not to register online, either phone 416-620-2946 with the information or mail/fax in the registration form.


  1. Send in $40/person deposit within 2 weeks. You can pay online when you register or mail a cheque.


  1. Send in your church contract.

This year, instead of individual waiver forms, we are requesting your signing officer to sign the church contract. It outlines the responsibilities your church is taking on  when sending participants to Avalanche or Blizzard. You will also need to send in a certificate of insurance. Although Muskoka Woods has waiver form, they have given permission for you to add it to your church’s waiver form. That is, you can add  all of the Muskoka Woods waiver text as a statement the parent/guardian acknowledges to your digital registration form. If you use a hard copy, photocopy the Muskoka Woods waiver on the back of yours; one signature covers both.) This contract needs to be submitted before coming to Avalanche or Blizzard.


  1. If you have any participants with any dietary restrictions, please complete the dietary restrictions form (one per group) and submit 3 weeks in advance of your retreat.


  1. Closer to the retreat, you’ll submit your final registration numbers through the confirmation form. You’ll also submit any balance owing and a copy of the Muskoka Woods waiver form, either a hard copy or a pdf.


If you have any questions about the registration process, feel free to contact Alvin (, 416-620-2946). We’re happy to help in any way we can.