Blizzard 2022

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We are excited to be hosting our 22nd high school winter retreat: BLIZZARD! Due to changing circumstances, we’re hosting a satellite retreat where your group can choose to join us in your own in-person gathering or as a group online.

This year, we’re making Blizzard FREE! (If you’d like to help offset our expenses, feel free to e-transfer to or online with pw “youth2000”; just include “Blizzard 2022” in the memo section.)

Our speaker features Shawn Naylor who joined us for Avalanche in 2020. With all the adaptations during the pandemic, we’ll get to try different ways for youth to engage with Jesus and each other.

Why join on February 4-6? You’ll be able to experience the retreat unfold in real-time, competing in our team competitions with other churches and interacting with our team captains. We’ll also send you some giveaways to use during your time together.

If you can’t join on February 4-6, we will be packaging all the content so that you can use it in your own context, whether it’s hosting your own weekend retreat in the future or using the materials in your youth ministry program.

Whatever way you choose to engage, we hope your youth will grow in their God’s story and invite others into His story as well.

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