(Note: There is no curriculum available for themes in 2018 and later.)

Who am I in the Great I AM

Who am I in the Great I AM (2023)

IG story

Roadtrip (2022)

Where Faith, Life and Community Intersect

IG story

I.G. Story (2021)

In God’s Story


ONE (2020)

One God. One Life. Together.


Clear (2019)

Seeing the Unfiltered Truth in You

Coming Home

Coming Home (2018)

Re{serve}d for You


Illuminate (2017)

Revealing the greatest hope

Rerooted (2016)

Living Life Rerooted in Jesus.


Discover (2015)

Revealing our identity in Jesus.

Connected logo (square)

Connected (2014)

God’s creation of humanity starts with our belonging with him and the faith community.

Yesterday. Today. Forever. (2013)

Journeys do not happen alone. Whether we realize it or not, our lives intersect with others. And all this happens within God’s story.


Breathe (2012)

Exploring of what it is to build intimacy with Christ (inhale) and what it means to be transformed in how we live life with a Christ-like character (exhale).

More than a name

More Than A Name (2011)

While we are known by our names, who we really are goes far beyond that or what you can see on the outside or the things that we like or do.

Momentum / Friction

Momentum (2010)

Momentum, in a spiritual context, is a person moving their faith and “accelerate” in the direction that Christ is already moving towards.

I Dare You

I Dare You (2009)

Becoming intimate with Jesus is to share with him the most vulnerable thoughts you keep to yourself, and to know him better than your best friend, better than your family.


Rooted (2008)

Jesus says that the best way to not be swayed is to build a foundation on something solid, not something that shifts with the wind. What better place to build one’s character than on the character of Christ.

City of God

City of God (2007)

His city is with many evocative connections: biblical and theological, classical and contemporary, ancient and future, concrete and mystical. At its core, City of God is about being connected in community.

Born to Be

Born to Be (2006)

Celebrating our identity in Jesus, celebrating who we were BORN TO BE.


Shine (2005)

Jesus challenges us to be a light in the world, a light that exemplifies Christ himself. In a world where many feel hopeless and despair, they long to see what a life lived with impact might really look like.


Elevate (2004)

Taking a different perspective on some of the essential elements of life.

Total Revolution

Total Revolution (2003)

Jesus left this world with a compelling call for revolution: an internal spiritual revolution that transforms our whole being while overflowing into the external transformation and revolution of our world.

Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark (2002)

Get Real

Get Real (2001)

Nobody Stands Alone

Nobody Stand Alone (2000)