CBOQ Youth has a variety of different seminars available:

Effective Transitions

The Hemorrhaging Faith report noted that many children and youth fall away from faith during key transition periods. Find out how EVERY member of the church (from parents to ministry leaders to mentors to church leaders) can work together in catalyzing faith through transitions.

Audience: associations, point youth workers, church leaders, parents, senior pastors (3-4 hours)

Sharing Life Together

Dr. Chap Clark suggests effective youth ministry happens when five adults significantly invest in one student at a variety of levels. Explore what are some key strategies in how adults (of any age) and youth “share life together”.

Audience: associations, point youth workers, senior pastors (2-3 hours)

Youth Ministry 101

Discover the basics of youth ministry and delve into relevant youth culture issues.

Audience: youth leaders (5 hours)

Engaging the Wireless Generation

Understand what it means to connect with the “digital” generation.

Audience: parents, youth leaders (1-2 hours)

Youth Ministry: Now and Not Yet

Based on the “state of youth ministry” survey, uncover the seven specific factors which influence youth ministry today and how it impacts your church.

Audience: youth workers, senior pastors, board members (6 hours)

Pieces of the Administrative Puzzle

Covering all the essential areas of managing a youth ministry program.


Audience: point youth workers (1-2 hours)

Life Coaching in Youth Ministry

Understanding and applying coaching tools in a youth ministry context

Audience: youth leaders (1-2 hours)

“Choose Your Own Topic”

Recommend a topic and we’ll either create a workshop or connect you with someone who’s already a specialist.

As determined by you

We can also recommend other specialists in areas of parenting, youth culture and other topics. Contact Alvin for availability and to see which seminars work best for you.