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Moving students forward towards Christ.


Momentum can be defined as a “product of the mass of a particle and its velocity; it is a vector quantity; i.e., it has both magnitude and direction.” The aim is to challenge students (and leaders) to live their faith beyond their comfort zone, whether that’d be within their family, their friends, their church walls or even their neighbourhoods. It can also mean living one’s faith in places where it may not be expected (such as a non-Christian family setting). What “momentum” is in a spiritual context is that a person can move their faith and “accelerate” in the direction that Christ is already moving towards.

Curriculum Modules:

  • Introduction and Guide to Momentum/friction: defining momentum and how it relates to our walk with Christ
  • Foundations: reviewing some basics of Christianity (e.g. who is God, what is salvation)
  • What’s Your Excuse?: looking at what common excuses Christians use when God challenges them
  • Self Assessment: taking a look at what makes us tick
  • Community Action: observing the community around us and how we can serve them
  • Mission Impossible?: exploring what a mission-minded faith can be
  • Contagious: investigating what contagious behaviours are good
  • Run With It: transforming faith of belief into a living faith through servanthood


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