CBOQ Youth will provide coaching or consultations for your church, association, or your point youth worker with issues of staffing, youth ministry development, strategic implementation or leadership development (or other topics) through multiple venues such as Skype calls, informal “coffee chats” or church/association meetings.

What’s the difference between consulting and coaching?


  • With your chosen topic, we’ll provide the latest models/trends for your consideration.
  • Usually a one-time meeting (with a possible follow-up)
  • May involve a large group (e.g. church board, pastoral staff, youth leadership, students, parents, etc.,)


  • With your given topic, we will facilitate discussion to help you formulate your own action plan.
  • Usually involves a minimum of 3 sessions.
  • Typically involves an individual or small cluster of people (e.g. Christian Education board)

How do we get consulting/coaching?

Decide the preferred format (you may also want to consider a training option as well).
Contact Alvin to make arrangements.