Creating ways for you and your youth to be involved in Kingdom-focused ways. Here are four key avenues for empowerment:

  • Retreat Staff: As part of one of our retreat staff, especially team captains, you’ll be engaged in levels of ministry that will stretch, challenge and inspire you in your ministry development.
  • Slingshot: Whether for a short weekend-long experience locally or cross-regionally, our Slingshot program (formerlly known as internships) provide a hands-on opportunity to gain ministry experience, honing specific skills and processing how God is molding those interns into the men and women he has called.
  • Education Internship: For those looking to minister with youth (whether in professional ministry or in other capacities), this placement provides opportunities to see youth ministry from a macro-level while honing their administrative skills.
  • Compassion Experiences: These regional and overseas cross-cultural opportunities allow individuals to see God at work in a different context, understanding how to bridge between cultures and what it means to bring those learnings back home. As well, you can also be trained to effectively lead your own CE team.