May 2018

Finishing 2017/18 Well

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After the long weekend (the unofficial start of summer), the school year is almost done. Many youth ministries begin to wind down. It’s time to finish the year well. CELEBRATE: Spend some time recounting the blessings that God’s brought the last few months. Have a special time of prayer. Like so many Baptists before us, celebrate with food. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!” DEBRIEF: Take time to debrief

Slingshot Exchange review: One Conference 2018

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CBOQ and the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada participate in an exchange of young adult teams, learning from each other and celebrating God's work in our regions. This past weekend, Kylie Hurlburt, Meaghan Graham and Mike Andress with Alvin represented CBOQ at CBAC's new multi-denominational adventure "One Conference" in Moncton, NB. The intention of this exchange is to discover the answer to two questions: what is God uniquely doing in

Young Adult Exchanges

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Youth ministries are environments where students can mature in their faith. Some students are ready for the next step, but our youth ministry may not have the opportunities they need. Happily, we’re part of God’s greater kingdom and he has more opportunities than we could imagine. A few years ago, CBOQ established an exchange with our friends at CBAC. The intent is to send groups of young adults to the

April 2018

Next Step 2018-19

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This season of ministry is wrapping up with a variety of celebrations. Now’s a great time to start thinking about where God is leading your ministry next season and next year. So what are your next steps? CBOQ Youth is launching our annual Next Steps survey. We hope you’ll take the time (about 10 min) to complete it. The survey provides us with 2 key insights from you: What are

Different Degrees of Compassion Experiences

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Compassion means “with suffering” and it reminds us to walk alongside others in their moments. The language of “walking alongside” has impacted the way we do missions--we’re thinking more broadly and of longer-term impact. In the last few years, we've moved from the language of "short term mission trips" to "compassion experiences." For many youth ministries, their venture into compassion experiences is, for the youth and many leaders, a first-time

BYLAW AMENDMENT – Addition of Young Adult Delegates

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At Assembly last June, was the announcement of a motion to be presented for consideration at Assembly 2018. Assembly followed the Imaginative Hope, which included the recommendation by the Next Generation Ministries - CBOQ of the addition of a young - adult delegate. The motion is to allow a church to send a third delegate who is age 18-25 years.   So what happens from here? If you haven't read

After the High Season

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January to March is always an intense time at CBOQ Youth. We’re part of 7 different events in a 10 week span. Some “random” observations I’ve made during that time. “I am getting older.” Whether I like it or not, I am getting older, which means what used to work for me before may not work the same way now. I need to monitor and adjust myself physically, mentally and

March 2018

Centre Court 2018 – review

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Last Friday was the 18th Centre Court event I've participated in. And boy, was it a crazy game?! Overtime and a nail biter right to the end. (You can see all the highlights at For me, it wasn't just a nail biter of a game. We were also pressed for time and our program. Because the arena needed to be converted for the Leafs game on the following night,

CE-DR 2018: Travel Home

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1:14 am - The team is in Terminal 3, reunited with families. 9:14 pm - Flight just took off. 12:33 am arrival. 7:33 pm - In Miami awaiting customs. 1:09 pm - In line for customs at Santo Domingo

CE-DR 2018: March 15

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The following two blog posts are from Matt and Jared (Stanley Park Baptist Church). There were many things today that had spoken to me. Today was the last full day of work and the last day to help make a difference in the DR. As a result, it made me want to work my hardest and put all my energy into the work I was doing. I didn’t want to

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