This document is to provide a framework for youth workers navigating different stages of faith decisions with their students.

What’s a bridge doc?

It’s the starting point to help establish a baseline to build upon with other great resources. This is a guide to support youth who are at different stages in their faith journey, and in creating an atmosphere for on-going conversations about faith decisions. It is designed to be “fill in the blank” so you can capture and centralize your thoughts as well as providing space for conversations with youth.

How do I use this bridge resource?

  1. Download the doc below and review the overall scope.
  2. Focus on pages 4-11 and write down your own reflections.
  3. Become familiar with the rest of the document.
  4. Prayerfully discern how you can (continue to) create an environment where dialogue and processing about various faith decisions become part of the culture.

If you have any questions/feedback, email Alvin Lau.

Decision Moments