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City of God is a theme with many evocative connections: biblical and theological, classical and contemporary, ancient and future, concrete and mystical.


At its core, City of God is about being connected in community. As relational creations, how do we connect to our God, to each other, and to the natural world? How do we name and confront the barriers that keep us from connection: social barriers, geographic barriers, spiritual barriers? How do we get and remain connected in community in a world of individualistic isolation? Again and again, in the many alleys and pathways of this resource, we confront these questions as we seek out the City of God, a place ancient and future, material and eternal, present and yet not fulfilled, that we have inherited from God and that we strive for together. Walk through its gates and participate with us in something greater than ourselves.

Welcome to the City of God!

Curriculum Modules:

  • From the Garden: searching for meaning from our creator and our creation
  • For the Kingdom: approaching faith as a communal affair
  • On the Fringe: interacting with people outside our “tight-knit” communities
  • With the People: lasting, spiritual investment in people by examining some of the barriers that exist between us and deep, spiritual relationships
  • In the Bedroom: human sexuality from a biblical perspective
  • Behold! The City: biblical ideas of heaven and life after death, focusing on how this relates to community
  • At the Party: celebrate their connectedness by contributing to the party


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