Team captains are the “face” of Avalanche and Blizzard. They are the role models many students look up to. They lead in some crazy team competitions and are integral in the faith journey of their team members. Our team captains lead one of our 4 regional teams as well as develop their leadership skills.

Avalanche/Blizzard Team Captain Overview

The CBOQ YOUTH Team Captain program is an exciting opportunity to grow as a leader through practical experience and times of reflection. Leadership development happens best in the process of active leadership.

Team Captains are given various responsibilities during the retreat weekend including providing supervision and leadership to a large group of students, creating a welcoming and energetic atmosphere, assisting local church leaders with small groups, and assisting at various activities.

Team Captains work closely with our Team Captain Supervisor who recruits, trains and encourages the Team Captains throughout the retreat planning and execution.

A Learning Experience
The best way to learn is through practical hands-on experience mixed with training and reflection. The Team Captain position is meant to provide young adults who are interested in developing ministry skills an opportunity to gain experience and training.
Team Captains will learn:
• To lead a large group of people, comprised of both students and adult leaders
• To create an atmosphere that is fun, energetic and Christian
• To reflect on ministry and leadership
• How values shape strategies for ministry
• About their gifts and how to use their gifts in the service of Jesus Christ
• To serve in many aspects of a large ministry event
• To reflect on ministry and servanthood
• How values shape strategies for ministry
• About their gifts and how to use their gifts in the service of Jesus Christ
• To develop a short-term personal growth plan with the Team Captain Supervisor
Applying to be a Team Captain
There are several positions at each retreat. Team Captains must be:
1. 20 years of age or older for the Blizzard retreats, and 18 or older for Avalanche
2. Recommended by their pastor/youth leader (cannot be a family member or relative)
3. Willing to learn through practical experiences
4. Complete the CBOQ Youth volunteer screening process, including having a valid criminal record check and vulnerable sector scan within the last three years.
Schedule and Application
For Team Captains and other staff, the retreat begins on the Thursday of the retreat weekend. There may also be meetings scheduled by the Team Captain Supervisor and certainly all Team Captains will need to be in close communication with the Team Captain Supervisor and each other in the months leading up to the retreat. Team Captains are expected to be available on the Thursday preceding the retreat by 7:00 pm (no later); it is the team captain’s responsibility to make adjustments (including school schedules) accordingly.
As a team captain, you would have the following expectations:
• Communicating with my Team Captain Supervisor well in advance of the Retreat weekend(s)
• Honouring my commitment to this role on the weekend I have been assigned
• Supporting my co-captain and communicating clearly how we can unify our team together
• Positively impacting my team by offering support to leaders and students when needed
• Preparing prayerfully for this role and for those around me
• Refraining from putting down other teams. I understand that team captains create a sense of perceived competition, but really strive to unity with all the teams.
• Setting a positive example for students of what mature leadership can look like in Christian community
• Having fun!
Team Captains will register individually. Team Captain recommendation form and application must be submitted by October 31, 2023. Please remind your reference to submit their recommendation.