Our 20/20

Mission: CBOQ Youth Exists to serve God by mobilizing and developing Youth Workers and Churches across Ontario and Quebec, alongside Christian Youth Agencies in effectively engaging youth with the person and message of Jesus and empower them in their journey towards being fully-committed Christ-Followers:

Connected to a faith community (I Belong)

Clear in their identity as a child of God (I Believe)

Cultivating intimacy with Jesus and developing Christlike character (I Breathe)

Contagious and Active in living out their faith (We’re becoming)


Character Values

  • God Glorified
  • Christ Centred
  • Spirit Empowered
  • Bible Based
  • Local Church Focused
  • Intentionally Focused
  • Balancing Faith Sharing and Discipleship

Practice Values

  • Authenticity
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Affirm Volunteer leadership
  • Gifting-oriented
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Cultural Relevant
  • Ensure healthy Environments
  • Healthy Communication
  • Strategic Partnerships



Our strategy to fulfill our mission takes place in these six ways


Coaching and Consultation: Meeting with youth workers or churches to discuss a variety of youth ministry issues, from “how do we hire a youth pastor” to sensitive issues and conflict resolution.


Resources: Make the most of a plethora of resources (electronically, in print, through partnerships).


Empower: Creating ways for youth and leaders to be involved in Kingdom focused ways.


Advocacy and Research: Together, building awareness and giving youth ministry a voice in our churches.


Training: Providing high quality professional development.


Experiences: Doing things together that we may not be able to do alone that creates spiritual life change.