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It’s one of the riskiest things you’ll ever do. But once you enter that relationship with Jesus, it can be the most freeing experiences you’ll ever have.


You could define a dare as an act that requires the necessary courage or boldness to complete.  Being transparent with someone can make you feel very vulnerable.

When you confide in your best friend, you trust that person with the most sensitive aspects of your life which can be risky. But when God says, “I knew you before you were formed”, it can be intimidating to know that God knows every little bit about you, even the stuff you try to hide from others. The good, the bad and the ugly.

CBOQ Youth’s 2009 theme is “I Dare You” … to become intimate with Jesus, to share with him the most vulnerable thoughts you keep to yourself, and to know him better than your best friend, better than your family.

Curriculum Modules:

  • Historical Pictures: intimacy and how that can be applied to God
  • Psalms-Don’t Forget the Lyrics: evaluating the lyrics of the music we listen to, and the Psalms of David
  • Unbreakable: we were created for relationship and we do not experience our faith in a bubble
  • Engagement: spiritual disciplines that we engage in on a daily basis. Worship, Prayer, Celebration
  • Abstinence: Less is More: the need for a spiritually disciplined life, practicing the spiritual disciplines of engagement and restraint
  • Connected: God has created us to be connected to him, to be connected to the body, and to connect the gifts that God has given us


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