logo for theme "Rooted"Develop Christ-like characteristics within students as they continue to walk down the journey of faith, hopefully becoming well anchored in Christ alone.

A tree’s strength can be determined by how strong its root system is. The deeper its roots, the better the tree’s foundations and the better a tree can grow. With deep roots, the tree is well anchored and almost noting can sway it.

In a Christ-follower’s life, many things try to sway one’s faith journey. Jesus says that the best way to not be swayed is to build a foundation on something solid, not something that shifts with the wind. What better place to build one’s character than on the character of Christ.

This theme focuses on the different aspects of Jesus’ character. From the “paradoxes” of life to the godly values he instilled.

Curriculum Modules:

  • Rooted in Jesus: exploring the person of Jesus
  • Rooted in Godly Values: values studied in the book of Corinthians
  • Rooted in Messy Community: life struggles in relationships
  • Rooted in Paradoxes: seemingly contradicting biblical concepts
  • Rooted in the Stories of Christ: examples of Jesus’ teachings
  • Unrooting the R.A.G.S.: expected life changes of a Christian


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