This document is to provide a framework for youth ministries (especially those in their infancy) to establish healthy volunteer teams in a sustainable environment. It is also a valuable assessment tool for established ministries.

What’s a bridge doc?

It’s the starting point to help establish a baseline to build upon with other great resources. This is a guide to gather insights on what God is establishing and who to potentially include into this team. It is designed to be “fill in the blank” so you can capture and centralize your data.

How do I use this bridge resource?

  1. Download the doc below (and, if applicable, the digital worksheet).
  2. Take an initial survey with the content of this doc. (Aim for approx. 1 hour).
  3. Gather 3-4 other people to review your initial survey and to implement this.
  4. Pray at each stage for God’s clarity in this process.
  5. For some stages, you may need to consult other leaders in your church (e.g. church treasurer about budgetary issues).

If you have any questions/feedback, email Alvin Lau.