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BORN TO BE is about our identity in Christ, not because of our effort but because of his love and mercy (Titus 3:5).


In his monumental writing On Loving God, the Great Christian writer, Bernard of Clairvaux, reminded the saints that they owe God not only their first birth but their second as well. Not only did God love us enough to give us life, but also to give us rebirth, new life in him through salvation! We praise God and celebrate the birth and rebirth that he has given to us as unmerited gifts. We seek to discover and rediscover our identity and purpose as daughters and sons of God. We want to explore issues of identity, both individual and corporate. We want to discover intimacy with the God who loves us and seeks us.

Curriculum Modules:

  • Re-born: exploring what it means to have “two identities” (possible pre-baptism module)
  • Born to Belong: devoted to community: good, healthy, Christian community that promotes inclusion and generates collaborative ministry among all of God’s children
  • The Born Identity: identity through the metaphor of life stages
  • Born for More: foundational theological ideas that underpin the Christian salvation story
  • A Child is Born: Christmas lesson
  • Born Among Us: introducing Jesus who was radical, exciting, and relevant
  • Born to be a Pilgrim: post-conversion realities of Christian experience, such as spiritual practice and community
  • Born to be Me: remembering students are a loved creation of God, made to be exactly who they are by God who has a perfect plan for them
  • Born to Believe: life from the perspective of the monotheistic, the polytheistic, and the atheistic religions
  • Born to GO: focus on a life of service, mission, ministry, legacy in our own neighbourhoods and around the world


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