Jesus finished well and left this world with a compelling call for revolution – an internal spiritual revolution that transforms our hearts, minds, and spirit while overflowing into the external transformation and revolution of our world.


Following Jesus’ call to internal revolution and external transformation, our theme and prayer for 2003-4 is TOTAL REVOLUTION. The TOTAL REVOLUTION theme will provide the foundation for our Avalanche, Blizzard and Encounter retreats.

In addition, to assist local youth ministries, we have developed 6 unique curriculum components (total of approx. 40 weeks) suitable for youth ministry small groups, Sunday school and bible studies. Leader’s notes, small group questions and reproducible handouts are included for each week.

Curriculum Modules:

  • TR in Me: from independence to interdependence, from relativism to knowledge of God, from my world to God’s world, from material value to spiritual value. We will help students understand the revolution of worldview called for in the Scriptures.
  • TR in Identity: components of ‘being’ (intimacy with God), character, community and ‘doing’ (servant leader and sharing our faith as an ambassador)
  • TR of Values: fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control) presented as biblical values in contrast to the corresponding values of our sinful nature
  • TR of Purpose: discovering purpose in life
  • TR in our World: looking at, dreaming about and moving towards the Kingdom of God on this earth
  • Characteristics of a Kingdom Revolution: defined as somebody who lives like Jesus lived


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