SLINGSHOT is a hands-on, servant leadership development program for young people.

With a slingshot, an object is taken from its dormant state, placed in an intense, energy-packed environment and then slung towards a target with purpose, momentum and direction. CBOQ Youth aims to pour into a youth or young adult over a short period of time while giving practical experience that would see them then be released back into their sphere of influence with greater impact and clearer direction. This takes place within some of our events or our cross-regional exchanges with our Canadian Baptist Youth partners.

The ONE Conference has been cancelled due to restrictions involving COVID-19.

Applications for Avalanche and Blizzard 2022 are now LIVE!

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The Slingshot program provides students with the opportunity to grow and develop in one of three areas: event management/execution, presentation delivery and customer service to client/team. By honing these skills, they will become better equipped in both their personal and other ministry contexts.


  1. Candidates apply to the program by the deadline.
  2. Successful candidates select one of the 3 learning tracks: event management/execution, presentation delivery, customer service to client/team.
  3. The Slingshot Supervisor meets each Slingshot Student individually to identify what the “next level” is in the selected learning track. The Supervisor identifies how applicable event elements will be utilized as their “practicum”.
  4. The student reviews the required readings and submits a 1-page reflection paper on it prior to the event.
  5. After the event is done, the Supervisor debriefs the experience with the student. They will identify what items/instances were achieved and what possible next steps can be.
  6. The Supervisor will transfer that information to the student’s mentor.