SLINGSHOT is a hands-on, servant leadership development program for young people.

With a slingshot, an object is taken from its dormant state, placed in an intense, energy-packed environment and then slung towards a target with purpose, momentum and direction. CBOQ Youth aims to pour into a youth or young adult over a short period of time while giving practical experience that would see them then be released back into their sphere of influence with greater impact and clearer direction. This takes place within some of our events or our cross-regional exchanges with our Canadian Baptist Youth partners.

CBAC/CBOQ One Conference Exchange

CBYouth is a partnership of the four Canadian Baptist Conventions: Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ), L’Union d’églises baptistes françaises au Canada, and Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC). Together these four associations partner to share youth ministry resources and to enhance youth ministry in our churches, our associations, and our country.

One of the ways in which CBYouth accomplishes this is by providing opportunities for developing leaders to visit the ministries of the other associations to learn and to serve in another context. This year, CBAC will host up to two Slingshot students from CBOQ at the ONE Conference event (June 2-3, 2023). The Slingshots will get the chance to see how another association does effective ministry. They will serve in practical ways, experience another culture and build relationships with a team leader. One key application is discerning what God is doing uniquely in the Atlantic provinces, and what transferable elements can be used in our own ministry context.

If you are an emerging leader, a young adult wanting to explore ministry done in a different context, consider this opportunity. We look forward to building up God’s leaders!

The cost of this opportunity is half the price for an airline ticket between Toronto to Moncton (up to a maximum of $300). Room and board expenses are included while in Moncton.

Please have your reference complete the form using the button on this page.

Applications are due Friday, March 24.