Life after high school can be exhilarating and daunting. Whether heading off to school or entering straight into the workforce and living at home, being prepared for that transition is crucial. Here are some resources to help a soon-to-be-high school graduate navigate the next few months.

1. After High School book: This booklet helps the graduate ask the right questions when preparing for post high school. It starts with questions about God’s call on your life and ways to prepare for that answer. It also contains practical steps when considering post-secondary education. There are also sections for parents and churches.

2. Having a mentor: It is vital for the graduate to be paired with an older, wiser Christian in this transition. Thanks to material provided by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, this 14-month package suggests key questions for the mentor and graduate to discuss each month. Having that interpersonal support alongside the parents is crucial in that transition.

3a. Finding a campus family: Whether you’re going to school near home or far away, connecting with a campus group is key. For those going to school in Ontario and English-speaking Quebec, our campus locator will help you find a campus family to join. Since 2016, in partnership with InterVarsity, Power to Change, the Navigators, and Ambassadors for Christ, we host a one-day event called Transition 101 ( for your graduates to come with their youth leader and parents to meet local campus upper-years and to learn from campus experts how to prepare well.

3b. Young adult exchange: For those not getting to school and staying home, having that distinguishing “next chapter” marker is also crucial. A young adult exchange between two churches helps that next faith development step. Similar to exchange programs hosted by schools and our own Slingshot exchange with CABC, it provides an opportunity for the graduate to learn faith and ministry in a different context. CBOQ has a template for a memo of understanding that can serve as a basis for that arrangement. A church doesn’t need to be both a sender and receiver. All arrangements can be established independently.

Bonus – CBOQ Youth Scholarships: Our scholarships are available for undergraduate students aiming to live a life of faith … wherever they are … in whatever they do. Applications are closed for 2019.


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