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Seeing life from God’s perspective.

Life often has a way of closing in around us doesn’t it? It is tiring, confusing, loud and enveloping.

Wondering if youth don’t feel more and more like that every day in our society. Decisions, stress, relationships, family, finances…all push in on them and it’s hard to know where to look to find answers.

The theme of “Elevate” has been designed to help you give your students a new perspective on some of the essential elements of life. How do they view the world around them? How do they view relationships? How do they think of God? What place should Jesus play in their decisions?

Curriculum Modules:

  • Panorama: “what’s God’s perspective on all of this?”
  • Elevate Your Priorities: time, talents and money
  • Seek What is Noble: moving away from the fence line of Christian life towards the inner core of abundant life in Christ
  • Return of the King: Christmas series
  • Worship – the Most Noble Thing: what constitutes “worship in spirit and in truth”
  • Living at the Highest Level: secret of abundant life
  • Elevating Your Vision of God: see God as the Bible presents Him
  • Join What is Good: next logical step in faith: action to join what is good
  • Wrap Up


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