How many times have you headed down a path, only to recognize you’ve been heading the wrong way? For those who use GPS systems, that one missed turn send your GPS to start “recalibrating your route.”

As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the one who leads our lives, especially since we originally were moving in a direction that was away from him. As we’ve connected into community and discovered who God calls us to be, we grow closer to Jesus and hopefully become more like him. He “recalibrates” the direction of our lives because hopefully our desire is to move in his direction.

This curriculum is designed to explore the concept of cultivating intimacy with Christ and developing Christ-like character. Our lives become that day-to-day adjustment towards him, because every day we realize different areas that still need to be reshaped in his way.

Click on the image below to download the curriculum. You will need a password to access (email Alvin). If you have access to the CBOQ Youth members only folder, it is available there as well.

Rerooted (sr high edition)
Rerooted (sr high edition)
Rerooted (jr high edition)
Rerooted (jr high edition)

Click to download the Jr High videos and Sr High videos.

Yesterday. Today. Forever
More than a Name
I Dare You
City of God
Born to Be
Total Revolution