You might think IG stands for Instagram but IG stands for “In God’s Story”. And our stories are intertwined with his.

If you’re not aware, at CBOQ Youth, we go through a 4 year cycle: I belong, I believe, I breathe, we’re become. This year is focused on that 4th one. Our theme is to ask how has God been speaking into our story and inviting us into his. From a larger perspective, how do we see other people’s stories intersecting with his and ours. It’s an invitation to join in the story God’s been writing since the beginning of time.

This year, we have several digital assets you can use. All 3 graphics are designed to be used like an Instagram story. Perhaps you’d like to design something similar for your group and tag @cboqyouth #cboqigstory. You can even print your own posters.

We’ll be using this theme with our Avalanche and Blizzard retreats plus we’re hoping to offer some other resources to help your youth share their story in God’s story, and invite others to do the same.

We invite you to reflect on your story and God’s invitation to join his.