8 06, 2020

A Summary of Learnings

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COVID-19 LEARNINGS SUMMARY  Over the last few weeks, I had the privilege of engaging with 16 of our CBOQ youth leaders, uncovering what they’ve been doing and learning since March break when the pandemic lockdown started. Here’s what I took away from each leader:  John: Creative outlets like puppets allow students to focus on a project with purpose and can bless the rest of the congregation.  William: Managing larger groups online takes multiple

11 02, 2016

Lessons from Blizzard 2016

By |2016-10-31T13:57:14-04:00February 11th, 2016|Alvin Lau|0 Comments

Two weekends ago, we hosted our latest Blizzard retreat and with 772 guests plus 61 staff, we had Muskoka Woods busting at the seams!  Even so, one of the most common responses to the weekend was, “With so many people, it ran so smoothly!” It was great. Even great events require debriefing, however. Here are the lessons applied and lessons learned from this weekend.   LESSONS APPLIED Communicate any potential

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