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13 11, 2014

What is God's vision for that student?

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Earlier this year, we started a conversation about parental care being a core element of youth ministry. One key question is whether both the parent(s) and youth leaders understand where each youth is headed i.e. what's the vision God has for that child? This isn't just about future vocation or other generic answers like "to grow up, be a good person and have a good job". While we may never

20 05, 2014

Parental Care: a core of youth ministry

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Nowadays, many youth ministries are focusing some time and attention towards parents. After all, almost all of them believe the parent is the primary caregiver (spiritual or otherwise) to their child (based from Deuteronomy 6). How that is carried out in practical terms is still in early development. Too many times, some youth ministries interpret "support parents" as keeping them involved and possibly having them volunteer. However, that seems to

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