8 04, 2021

Connecting your high school grads

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tip: Find out where your high school grads are going, and connect the ones heading to university with a campus group at If you have high school graduates this spring, encouraging in their next step is vital. For those going to university this September especially if it's away from home, your influence in helping them make that connection to a new faith community is crucial. The Renegotiating Faith report

19 05, 2016

Grad Transitions

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“Only a few weeks left.” Your grade 12 grads are anticipating the end of their high school career. They’re also figuring out what the next chapter of their lives looks like whether they’re going to university or college, or pursuing jobs. How do you help them with this transition? Here are some ways your church can be a support for this crucial life-stage change. Have someone walk with the students

8 04, 2016

Transition 101

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Transition 101 is a collaborative event for high school grads on Saturday May 28, 2016 hosted by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship,  Power to Change, Ambassadors for Christ and the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. We believe it is vital to connect graduating high school students going to college or university with a local faith community, both on campus and in a church. The purpose of Transition 101 is to facilitate

23 05, 2015

The Final Push

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As we head into the final month before the summer, many youth ministries are looking to finish their ministry season well. Here are some great ways to wrap up: Celebrate achievements: Whether through an online forum or in your final youth meeting, celebrate all the ways God has blessed these students. Perhaps have them write down specific highlights and either post them on aboard for the church to see or

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