tip: Find out where your high school grads are going, and connect the ones heading to university with a campus group at t101.ca.

If you have high school graduates this spring, encouraging in their next step is vital.

For those going to university this September especially if it’s away from home, your influence in helping them make that connection to a new faith community is crucial. The Renegotiating Faith report reminds us:

Young adults who had had a connection made for them by someone from their home church were roughly three times as likely to go on to connect with a new local church after moving out of their parents’ home.

If you already have contacts at that campus, share that contact’s info with the grad. If you’re not sure who to turn to and if they’re heading to an Ontario university, use the T101 online portal at t101.ca where an upper year student or staff will personally reach out to that grad. If they are heading to a school that’s not part of the T101 network, reach out to a church you trust in that area.

If they are taking a gap year or working, perhaps something like our Gap Year Template might give guidance in this next year.

This shift from high school to post-secondary life for many is the first step in adulting. While you’re not expected to hold their hand, let’s support them with a good transition.