Find out from your children and youth ministry leaders ways they are already helping kids and youth develop in leadership skills.

In the coming months, for the pastors tip from Next Gen as part of the Pastors eNews, CBOQ Next Gen will be offering some ideas on developing leadership with kids and youth.

Before you start to move forward, it’s good to identify what’s already happening.

  • Have a conversation with your children and youth ministry leaders about what they are already doing (if you’re not aware).
  • Ask your governing board (i.e. elders, deacons, board of directors, council, etc.) what their expectations are. What kinds of leaders are they hoping will emerge from your next gen?

It may be worthwhile having a gathering of all these various parties (perhaps include parents, kids and youth) to discern what leadership development at your church for next gen may look like.

Bonus: Find out how your local school and/or community agency (e.g. cadets, Girls Guides, Boy Scouts) identify and develop leaders in their systems.