Tip: Understand what your children and youth know about the key issues for Indigenous peoples, and how they would like to respond. 


In the last couple of years, the awareness about issues facing Canada’s engagement with Indigenous peoples has escalated. Children and youth have a deeper understanding and recognition through media reports, social media posts and in their classrooms.  

Understand the pulse of what your children and youth perceive about these issues. Some initial questions could be: 

  • Do you have any friends who are Indigenous? 
  • What have you learned in the last year about this? 
  • What did you do on September 30 during National Day for Truth and Reconciliation? 
  • What do you think our church should do about this? 

Encourage some of your adults to ask other children/youth about this as well. Perhaps there may be some insights the next generation can offer, maybe even take initiative to lead in.