PASTOR’S TIP: As the school year finishes in a few weeks, talk with your children and youth ministry leaders about how to help those children/youth “graduating” from their programs to exit well, and to encourage them to begin planning for the next ministry year (if they haven’t already).

Help those children/youth “graduate” from their ministry program brings closure to that chapter in their life. There are different ways a church can support that transition:

  • Celebrate them within the program.
  • Acknowledge them during an upcoming church service and pray for them.
  • For those willing, interview them either in a service or via video about their experiences in that ministry.
  • Ensure the “exiting” ministry leaders connect those graduates to the next ministry leaders.
  • Reach out to the parents to see what supports they may need as they help their kids navigate to this next stage.

In the coming weeks, helping to bridge them to their next ministry stage will help them remain connected to the church community.