1 07, 2020

20th anniversary interview answers

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Congratulations to Jane Manuel for winning our 20th anniversary interview game! (If you didn't see the roundtable interview, click on the video to watch it yourself.) TRIVIA ANSWERS There’s one scene that has the most Sharkey logos appearing at the same time. How many are present in that 1 shot? 4  Bonus: At what time in the video does it happen? At the 1:27:14 mark  When does Matt

7 05, 2020

Interview: John Cullen

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John Cullen Youth and Young Adults Director Lorne Park Baptist Church (Recorded: May 5, 2020) KEY INSIGHTS FROM JOHN Building relationships is his key ingredient. What's changed is how he continues to build relationships. His students wanted purpose, which he's giving them opportunities for ownership into the youth ministry. Be patient. Find out how John's using puppets and Zoom.

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