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25 05, 2020

Interview: Darryl Bergen

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Darryl Bergen Pastor of Youth and Family Wyoming Baptist Church (Recorded: May 15, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM DARRYL Their group sometimes met at a pizzeria to hang out. They delivered pizza kits for their families to assemble and cook together. He likens this stage to a rubber band that stretches forward and steps back a bit. The key is to keep moving forward. He promotes the concept

22 05, 2020

Interview: Jon Matthews

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Jon Matthews Director of Youth and Young Adults Kingsway Baptist Church (Recorded: May 14, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM JON He's found a mixture of those who are looking for fellowship connections and others who want to go deeper into faith (especially since they've got time). Tools most useful are Zoom and Discord. To battle screen fatigue, he's balanced the number of programs offered online, encouraging them to

21 05, 2020

Interview: Greg Banik

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Greg Banik Assistant Pastor Heron Park Baptist Church (Recorded: May 14, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM GREG He focuses on the 4 Fs. Make sure you ensure due diligence in your practices (e.g. getting parental consent, attributing other media sources appropriately). Regularly reaching out to parents including those not attending the church opens opportunities for ministry and prayer; he can now help impact whole households. This isn't the

15 05, 2020

Interview: Sergio Espinoza

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Sergio Espinoza Associate Pastor of Family Ministries Harmony Baptist Church (Recorded: May 8, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM SERGIO While there is a learning curve with utilizing technology, it opens ministry opportunities. Church will likely not go back to exactly what it was before. Trust and obey the Holy Spirit's directions.

13 05, 2020

Interview: Jim Alford

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Jim Alford Pastor of Youth and Community Whitby Baptist Church (Recorded: May 8, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM JIM Helping to organize information in 1 central location is crucial. Some students, especially those graduating from grade 8 and 12, are grieving loss of their graduation experience. Continue to maintain those personal relationships with students.

11 05, 2020

Interview: Enoch Lau

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Enoch Lau Youth and Young Adults Mississauga Chinese Baptist Church (Recorded: May 8, 2020) INSIGHTS FROM ENOCH There is a great opportunity for leaders to engage with students. Resourcing parents is key especially for youth who don't regularly engage online. Student leaders have a chance to step up and raise the bar. (Enoch shares a great example of how that happened.) Be flexible with your plans

8 05, 2020

Interview: William Leung

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William Leung Youth Ministry Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church (Recorded: May 5, 2020) KEY INSIGHTS FROM WILLIAM His students have some more free time and ability to engage more than before. He's taking more time to investigate what keeps students from engaging. Leveraging online connections will still be vital after the lockdown including for outreach opportunities. Find out how William manages with larger Zoom group meetings.

7 05, 2020

Interview: John Cullen

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John Cullen Youth and Young Adults Director Lorne Park Baptist Church (Recorded: May 5, 2020) KEY INSIGHTS FROM JOHN Building relationships is his key ingredient. What's changed is how he continues to build relationships. His students wanted purpose, which he's giving them opportunities for ownership into the youth ministry. Be patient. Find out how John's using puppets and Zoom.

6 05, 2020

COVID-19 Learnings

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Alvin interviews several of our CBOQ youth pastors in what they're learning during this pandemic. If you'd like to share what you've learned during this time, contact Alvin for more details. Release date: May 7, 2020 Release Date: May 11, 2020 Release Date: May 15, 2020 Release Date: May 20, 2020 Release Date: May 22, 2020

28 11, 2019

Youth Ministry Highlight: Malvern Baptist Church

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The youth from MBC went on a 3 day retreat this past summer in Guelph. The weekend was filled with games, food, reflection, mediation, sports, and prayer. Our church partnered with another church (who meets at Tyndale) and had a badminton tournament accompanied with worship (led by Nicholas Wong). Our church celebrated Thanksgiving with a turkey and all the

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