Porl Colbourne summer camp

After receiving the confirmation of the grant, we had opportunities to grow together as a youth group. 

On July 14-15, 2023, we hosted a mini retreat at the church with 16 youth and 3 leaders. We played games and sports, hiked, and had a wonderful time of intentional worship.  

Then on July 26-27, we had a second youth retreat at Selkirk Provincial Park with 14 participants. During the retreat, we had two main meditations:  

  1. Let no one look down on your youth 
  2. Use your words to bless and not to hurt 

Port Colbourne Baptist campfireWe swam, played and ate (pasta, pancakes, hotdogs, burgers, breakfast sausages, chocolates among other things). It did rain on as we were camping, but that didn’t hurt our spirit nor our enthusiasm. We thank God for a beautiful and blessed time of spiritual time and recreation opportunity. 

With the church board we decided to put the grant given by CBOQ into work by looking for an individual that would come and help us have steady midweek youth/kids ministry. That was passed and we are excited to hire Jessica Hartwick into that role. 

Submitted by Rev. Sergio Espinoza