18 10, 2019

3-Tier Engagement

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Recently Matt, Meghan, and Alvin have been reassessing how we gauge our effectiveness with our CBOQ churches, specifically with youth ministries and their progressions. Through prayer and discussion, we’ve come up with a 3-tier engagement approach that will help us better evaluate our ministry. (Note: The tiers are not indicative of importance; they simply provide us with three different ways to measure engagement.) TIER 1 Every year, we will compile

21 05, 2016

CONNECT with Jonathan McKee

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ENGAGING ONE-ON-ONE RELATIONSHIPS IN A WORLD OF ISOLATION [youtube id="OaEnKtyyuB4" width="300" height="175" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""] Don’t miss this exciting training for youth workers, both paid and volunteer! How do you reach a generation starving for someone to notice them? “Jonathan teaches at our National Youth Workers Convention each year. Jonathan’s presentation is dynamic and extremely helpful. In fact, that’s why we publish his books.” - Youth Specialties Events Jonathan McKee

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