Recently Matt, Meghan, and Alvin have been reassessing how we gauge our effectiveness with our CBOQ churches, specifically with youth ministries and their progressions. Through prayer and discussion, we’ve come up with a 3-tier engagement approach that will help us better evaluate our ministry.

(Note: The tiers are not indicative of importance; they simply provide us with three different ways to measure engagement.)

Every year, we will compile the various communications with CBOQ youth ministries to see how often we connect, including any inquiries, prayer requests and other two-way communications.

Each year, we will analyze the number of ministries involved in our initiatives (whether through events, ministry audits or other gathering points).

Each year, we will journey alongside up to 16 youth ministries through monthly connections, offering one-on-one intentional focus every month for 10 months to each of the ministries. At these sessions we will discuss how we can support the youth ministry as in their next steps. The support can range from volunteer training to strategic planning to prayer and more. We’re offering churches approximately 20 hours of focused attention over 10 months to strengthen and build up its youth ministry, whether it is just starting up, is thriving but wants to build, or is struggling.

This 3-tier approach gives us clear markers for how we can connect with, help strengthen, and raise the effectiveness of youth ministries across our CBOQ churches. We look forward to seeing how God will move in the coming months.