Next week, many schools in Ontario begin spring (April, not March) break. Some are asking for ideas on how to best engage their youth. For those in Quebec, what suggestions did you find most helpful? Feel free to share them in the comments below on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. 

Here are some ideas (ensuring to follow all current Public Health guidelines): 

  • Do a physically-distanced porch/driveway visit and drop off a care package
  • Hosting a movie night either outdoors or watch party online
  • Host your own 4-day retreat. You can use our DIY Retreat package to adapt to your needs.
  • Create a video/story using different medium depending on what they have access to (animation, stop-animation, live-action, Lego, etc). Share those by tagging @cboqyouth. It can be:
    • Simple (e.g. Each person finds/draws a picture, writes a voiceover statement and record it together via Zoom with someone spotlighting) or
    • Elaborate with youth filling different roles like producer, director, camera operators, actors, musical scores, sound effects, etc.
  • Host an online tournament. is simple game to do.
  • Have youth create a post based on content that resonated with them e.g. an Instagram story, TikTok video, an article they read online, a book they read, a video they watched, something created, etc. Encourage them to share it with the rest of the group or in your youth ministry’s social media channel(s).

What else are you planning to do next week with your youth?