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12 09, 2016

Celebrate the Start

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Over the next couple of weeks, youth groups all over Quebec and Ontario begin another season of ministry. Some old friends return; and new ones join in. In the midst of the kick off, be sure to celebrate! Celebrate the past. Review what God has done both in the group and in each student through the summer. Consider posting t some pictures or have a running slideshow as students enter.

22 08, 2016

Ready to Start Again?

By |2016-10-31T13:57:10-04:00August 22nd, 2016|Alvin Lau|0 Comments

Can you believe that Labour Day is only two weeks away? For some of you have been able to slow down the last few weeks. Others have been on the go at a high gear. So before the “new year” starts after Labour Day, take a look at the following (not completely exhaustive) checklist for your consideration: Have you taken time to rest and breathe, even for at least one

20 08, 2014

The calm before the storm

By |2014-08-20T21:27:01-04:00August 20th, 2014|Alvin Lau, youth ministry thoughts|0 Comments

Take a deep breath. Over the next few days, you'll feel a rumbling. It's the sound of everyone gearing up for life after Labour Day, when the summer unofficially ends and we are back in our "normal" routines. It's also the start of a new youth ministry year, with new students, some familiar faces, and everyone having grown older by a year since the last September. But before that comes,

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