Can you believe that Labour Day is only two weeks away? For some of you have been able to slow down the last few weeks. Others have been on the go at a high gear. So before the “new year” starts after Labour Day, take a look at the following (not completely exhaustive) checklist for your consideration:

  • Have you taken time to rest and breathe, even for at least one day? This shouldn’t include a day off (because we tend to run other errands then), but a day where you can actually nap or take a walk, but definitely spend extended time with God? Sounds like a familiar concept (starts with a Sab, ends with a bath).
  • Where are your leaders? Have you connected with them? Grab a coffee together. Make some phonecalls. Send out texts…not to remind them that the youth ministry season is starting up and they need to get ramped up(you can do that later), buts to see how they’re doing personally and to check in with them.
  • Where are your students? Again, you’re checking in to see where they’re at whether it’s you personally communicating with them or via their mentors/youth leaders.
  • What’s coming up? Start to update your leaders, students and parents about what’s happening, not just for your kick off, but at least for the rest of the calendar year. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. At a mid-range level, remind yourself what the three objectives are for this year. At a broader scale, remind yourself why you do what you do.

What other ways do you prepare for the “new year”?