Over the next couple of weeks, youth groups all over Quebec and Ontario begin another season of ministry. Some old friends return; and new ones join in. In the midst of the kick off, be sure to celebrate!

Celebrate the past. Review what God has done both in the group and in each student through the summer. Consider posting t some pictures or have a running slideshow as students enter. Perhaps you can have each youth send you a picture ahead of time and use those in the slideshow. In your sharing time, allow each student to share a highlight from the summer.

Celebrate the moment. In our constantly on-the-go culture, it may seem hard to take time and be in the moment. But we can encourage one another to celebrate by taking time  to pause and reflect back to God the blessings the youth are experiencing right at that moment whether in prayer, in pictures or even by writing down thoughts on sticky notes and putting them all around the room.

Celebrate what’s to come. With every “new year” the anticipation for what’s coming up builds excitement. So praise God for the blessings that are in store for the group and for each individual. Maybe even have students write down what they think God’s blessings might be this coming year and have them seal it in self-addressed envelopes. Then you mail them to the students next June.

God is good. And it’s worth praising Him for his blessings in the past, present and future.

What other ways do you celebrate?