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16 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 3

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Last minute change by Cristian Santiago (Lighthouse Director) last night allowed (at least those who got the message) an extra 1/2 hour of sleep below our whirring room fans. Morning worship after a cold shower (roof top water tanks cool off overnight) began at 7:30 am followed by personal devotional time and prayer partner time. Breakfast at 8:30 am saw creative uses of peanut butter and bananas on pancakes with sausage and papaya.  After

15 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 2

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Today's insights come from Wanda Huntington (our team coordinator and member from Harmony Road Baptist Church) and Ron Ferguson (our camera guy and leader with First Baptist Church in Smiths Falls). Half of the team went to ESL classes in the morning and were very excited about this experience and their interactions with the children. The other half worked at the Open Walls chapel (see below) shoveling, wheel barreling and

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