Last minute change by Cristian Santiago (Lighthouse Director) last night allowed (at least those who got the message) an extra 1/2 hour of sleep below our whirring room fans.

Morning worship after a cold shower (roof top water tanks cool off overnight) began at 7:30 am followed by personal devotional time and prayer partner time. Breakfast at 8:30 am saw creative uses of peanut butter and bananas on pancakes with sausage and papaya.  After breakfast Cristian reminded us that the always available fruit was the best for medicinal purposes only.  “Papayas to get you going and bananas to get you stopped ”

At 10 am Cristian in his beautiful dominican English calls out, “Old ladies get on the school bus for church ” Translation ” all ladies …….” Lol

Sunday morning

The team worships at a local church

From 10:30-12:30, the decibel level of the Spanish worship songs and preaching could be heard for blocks and blocks in a nearby community as we sat, stood and “danced” our worship to God with a church packed into their courtyard with about 250 worshipers of all ages – new borns to senior citizens.  However, I believe the average age of the young adult majority would be late teens – 30s.  Informal dress and informal service with lots of congregational movement when needed. A moderately hot day – windows wide open – 8 large ceiling fans whirring very fast, however the six window fans were not on, indicating for the Dominicans that it is a comfortable temperature.

Bus ride “home” and lunch of “hearty” home made chicken vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots and corn included with the chicken and noodles.  – and yes more peanut butter.

After siesta till 3 pm we headed to the compound soccer, and baseball fields and basketball court, to do community sports with our teams divided three ways. As Cristian announced at supper, the baseball team did well, the basket ball team “not so good” and the soccer team did well because they did not play against any Dominicans.  Lol

6 pm supper outside: A traditional Dominican meal of brown beans and rice with added beef strips and salad and fresh vegetables. The fresh avocado is so delicious compared to our imported avocado in Canada (and as always peanut butter). Someone had a birthday and we shared his cake for desert.

The team worshipping together Sunday evening

The team worshipping together Sunday evening

7 pm: Outside patio worship in the warm sunset breeze. After worship we divided into our church teams for our evening closing “debrief ” sharing time.


Tonight is Fbc smiths falls ” blog note time.

We are a team of four from Smiths Falls a CBOQ church in eastern Ontario between Kingston and Ottawa. This is our church’s 8th of 8 missions to the DR with CBOQyouth since 2001. We have been involved in this project since day one.

Our team notes:

Victoria Schoular: Coming back to the DR for the second time I have noticed that I am able to interpret differently the way God works through people to connect with me. For example things like bringing a smile to a child’s face or watching people praise God in church or using all of our remaining energy to finish the projects.

Kathleen Cahill: This is my second mission experience (the first one being to Guatemala in 2014).  Each time I have felt different feeling and different experiences and a different connection with God, especially seeing all the people worshiping In the local community church today in a totally new way was very spiritually fulfilling for me.

David Schoular: As my first compassion experience I wish I had done this many years ago. Seeing God’s work in action first hand has a significant impact. This is something everyone could benefit from  at least once in a lifetime.

Ron W Ferguson: I have had the opportunity and privilege to participate in 7/8 missions with CBOQYouth to the DR. Each time I am rejuvenated by the teams from CBOQ who come together for a week to travel, work, sweat, worship, eat and sleep in a dormitory together. Daily we see people grow closer together as new friends as they also grow closer to God in ways they never imagined they could ( or even wanted to ). This is such a blessing to all.

Thank you CBOQYouth for providing this compassion experience for us.

FBC team

David, Kathleen, Victoria and Ron