UPDATE: As of Saturday morning at 2:30am, everyone from the team left Pearson Terminal 1 to return home for rest and a time to debrief in the weeks to come.

1Can someone tell me why sunrise has to be at 5:45 am?  Yes we made it – it was dark. However I believe our 29 cboqyouth team members all made it to our fourth floor dorm roof to praise God in worship and shout glory to His name as we and the neighbourhood roosters welcomed a new day. By 7am we continued our worship and debrief time in the basement.

28:00: Scrambled packing preceded our scrambled eggs and ham breakfast.

9:30: The final ” prayer walk ” to the three project sites took place while at the compound the Lighthouse school. The daily “breakfast program” for 42 of the school children took place in the dining room. (Costs are $20.00 per month per child).

3When the teams returned Cristian Santiago, Director of the Lighthouse School Project updated us on all of their programs offered here: building schools, houses and churches in the community, and breakfast and educational programs here at the main complex.

11:15: Packing and goodbyes as we readied ourselves  to head out to the airport for our long travel home. Flights 4 pm -1 am and then getting home from ther   e. Some will not be home until Saturday sunrise.

What a week !

Thanks be to God who is our sustainer in it all.

Submitted by Ron Ferguson “camera guy”4