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20 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: returning home

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UPDATE: As of Saturday morning at 2:30am, everyone from the team left Pearson Terminal 1 to return home for rest and a time to debrief in the weeks to come. Can someone tell me why sunrise has to be at 5:45 am?  Yes we made it - it was dark. However I believe our 29 cboqyouth team members all made it to our fourth floor dorm roof to praise God in

20 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 7

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We are coming to the close of a fabulous week at The Lighthouse Project in Los Alcarrizos. The 65 teens and adults have been able to pour an entire concrete floor of the Open Walls Church and had over 250 people worship our Lord and Saviour in that facility on Wednesday night. The teams have had many opportunities to interact with the local people. They have been walking through the

19 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 6

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Tonight we had a celebration night at the Open Walls Church compound which was one of our main work focuses all week. The celebration was all of the work teams, the locals and a group from Santo Domingo that is a sponsorship church. There was lots of singing in both English and Spanish. The team felt the Dominicans sang with so much more passion. And it was genuine passion for God

18 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 5

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Team from Glen Acres Baptist Church Today was a tough but great day! Our team worked in 2 locations today: at a school in Los Alcarrizos this morning and at the Open Walls Church this afternoon. At the school, we had an amazing time with a group of 50 children doing outddoor and indoor activities: parachutes, face painting, stickers, colouring, blowing bubbles, stickers, popping balloons, making bracelets, stickers,

17 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 4

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DR Day 4 Monday March 16/15 In the past three days, so much has happened. This is our perspective of how we have seen God moving in the DR. Earlier today we were privileged to visit the CBOQ school that began being built by our 2011 teams and now has over 100 students. We had a wonderful opportunity to interact with the children of the school, playing sports, making crafts

16 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 3

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Last minute change by Cristian Santiago (Lighthouse Director) last night allowed (at least those who got the message) an extra 1/2 hour of sleep below our whirring room fans. Morning worship after a cold shower (roof top water tanks cool off overnight) began at 7:30 am followed by personal devotional time and prayer partner time. Breakfast at 8:30 am saw creative uses of peanut butter and bananas on pancakes with sausage and papaya.  After

15 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 2

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Today's insights come from Wanda Huntington (our team coordinator and member from Harmony Road Baptist Church) and Ron Ferguson (our camera guy and leader with First Baptist Church in Smiths Falls). Half of the team went to ESL classes in the morning and were very excited about this experience and their interactions with the children. The other half worked at the Open Walls chapel (see below) shoveling, wheel barreling and

14 03, 2015

CE-DR 2015: Day 1

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A short report tonight. The team arrived at the Lighthouse around 10:45pm safe and sound. Over the next eight days, various team members will share their insights and highlights from the day. Tomorrow, they begin with a community orientation and start of some work projects.

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