On Saturday, November 6, Wycliffe College (along with partners like CBOQ Kids) is hosting the Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference. This may be a great training opportunity for you.

You might be asking, “What does a children’s ministry conference have to do with youth ministry?” Here are five reasons why I (Alvin) think you should consider going;

  • There are some renown speakers at this year’s conference.
  • There are many great workshops that are applicable to youth ministry.
  • You’ll gain insights on what’s happening with the kids (and how ministries are adapting to them) who will soon be youth in your youth group.
  • You can better understand some of the culture and nuances your fellow children’s ministry leaders live in.
  • As part of a CBOQ church, you get a 50% discount off all conference pricing (contact Alvin at alau@bpatist.ca for the discount code).

Register today at https://www.wycliffecollege.ca/tcmc.