First Day of Work at Villa AltagraciaDR 2017 -altagracia
We have been anticipating this day for years. A new property. A new challenge. A new opportunity to start duplicating what has been done in Los Alcarrizos. Words cannot express how amazing this moment was as we started bending re-bar, and mixing/pouring cement. The three church team hummed along like seasoned veterans as small members tried lifting cement bags as heavy as themselves, and during interactions with community children who came to watch.
Also, seven members of the team had the opportunity to go to the ESL program in which they communicated with Dominicans about all aspects of the life in Canada.
The day began and ended with worship and a moving message about excellence by Meghan. “Don’t settle for less than excellence!”
Food was rated a 10 out of 10. The pool was a welcomed refresher for all. The people here are lovely! A very productive day that God blessed from the beginning to the end. Praise Him.

DR 2017 - day 3

In the ESL class, kids were asking us questions about our lives, typically questions like, age, sports we play, if we have any siblings, etc. We had a more advanced ESL class (~13-16yrs old) and they were really good at speaking English! During a Q&A time out of the blue a girl asked Jemma and I, “what does Jesus mean to you?” That came quite unexpected, I was almost at a loss for words. It’s not something you get asked when talking to people in Toronto. Most people aren’t interested in details of people’s lives they are only going to see for a few hours. But here they are so intentional, so loving, even to strangers in their ESL class.

dr 2017 - water breakA big highlight for me was being able to meet so many children and get to know them. They would come up to us and starting playing games or try to communicate.
Another highlight would be getting closer with all of the team. I got to experience so much and it’s only the first full day!
dr 2017 - rebar
Today was not what I expected -it was so much greater. I saw God in everything. Things that I wouldn’t typically noticed God in, I did here in the DR. Things as simple as noticing cultural differences, laughing on the bus, passing buckets of cement, eating amazing avocado, I really noticed God’s presence. There’s no place I’d rather be. I can’t explain the joy it was today to interact with the kids. They carry such a boldness and curiosity. They also share a common appreciation for our beloved Blue Jays, which I found quite exciting. I honestly didn’t expect to have so much fun working hard! I’m so excited  to see what God has in store for us for the rest of the week!
dr 2017 - worship
We’re looking forward to sharing with you more tomorrow about the church service in the DR and our Community Walkthrough.