Sunday Sabbath

dr 2017 church

Iglesia Cristiano de la Communidad

Today we went to a Dominican church and it was great. Not too different from our church (Mimico Baptist) good music and so great to sing in a different language and it didn’t feel weird at all. We got to give out candy to kids in the community they were all chasing after us.  It was great!

dr2017 - community walkWe went to church and sang in Spanish; it was really cool. The whole sermon was in Spanish as well. We got little radio receivers that we could plug our headphones into and listen to the translation in English. A few people were so tired (from yesterday’s work)  we caught them dozing off in the service. After we had lunch and some free time. It was awesome times hanging around the pool, reading, sleeping, that kind of thing. Later we went on a community walk, down side streets of the area we’re staying in. All the kids were so excited to see us because we brought candy and stickers and things like that. They were so funny; they kept mocking us because we kept saying ‘no mas’ or in English ‘no more’ when they asked for more candy. Afterwards we went back to our dorm area, we want to have more relaxing times today. We really wanted to celebrate Sabbath today. We had dinner, worshiped and had some good times.


dr 2017 palm

A highlight for me was seeing the kids while we were walking down in the community. They calmly walked up to us as happy as can be. They were so energetic, you wouldn’t see that at home.

dr2017 community tak

Felix teaching us about the community

Today finally felt like a real Sabbath… I loved it! Usually all I end up doing Sunday afternoon is homework.