Back to work

I was so happy to be a part of our team today. In the afternoon, we took a break from working and walked dr 2017 - bootsaround the community of Villa Altagracia. We are the first people ever from the Lighthouse to work and walk around in that community. The people were so warm and welcoming to us. I can’t wait to go back again and work tomorrow!

Today was a day with lots of working. Really testing out our servant hearts for God. I got to push the super heavy wheelbarrows. One time I got too excited and accidentally dumped it, but it was still fun. We also walked through the community where we are working and it was so amazing because this is the first time people like us have just walked through. They were so happy and grateful for us being there and I can’t wait to see what else God does in their community.

dr 2017 wheelbarrowAnother amazing day in the DR!
I got to mix the cement by hand today. I was super excited! I mixed a lot of cement last year when the cement mixer broke down so it brought back a lot of great memories.
Tonight Cristian told us about how he got involved in the Lighthouse Project and all that has been accomplished in Los Alcarrizos. I am humbled to be a part of this incredible work! Praise God!

Buenos Noches, it is Monday March 13th. It was a good day being able to go to the new dr 2017 -walkcommunity that we’re working in. The work we did today was pretty amazing. I was lifting cement bags and dumping them in the cement mixer. It was pretty menotomous but it was for a good cause. It warms my heart seeing the children there, watching them play, and watching them watch us work. Because what child doesn’t want to watch people work. It was amazing to see how they watched us and wanted to interact with us, even though there was language barriers. Especially when it was with me because they think I’m Dominican but I’m really not so they try to speak Spanish to me and I have to say “no hable espanol” (I don’t speak spanish). They don’t believe me.
This is a really good experience, a lot of people should be able to come down here and see how God is working and what the community looks like. They really need to know what’s going on so we can make some changes. So that people can live a better life and know that God is the base and the foundation for their life. So that they can all glorify Him and give it back to Him.
It was a good day and the food is here is so great! 10 out of 10! Would recommend.
dr 2017 - panorama