Walls and community Work

Today was a great day! It started off with singing worship songs on the roof overlooking the city, which I always dr 2017 - marg worklove. It is such an intimate time with everyone and this morning God’s presence was definitely eveident. I had the song ‘Always’, which we sang , stuck in my head the entire time we worked. A highlight for me today at the work site was as we laid bricks to create the wall. Felix was helping my group encouraging us and telling us stories. As we worked hard we also were getting to spend time with him and learn more about his life, which I loved. Another highlight for me was during lunch time (siesta) I had the chance to talk with a boy who works at the Lighthouse. He told me his story, we talked about university and different things to do with our lives. It was so fun to learn about him and even though we live completely different lives it was interesting to learn we also had many things in common. Overall today was an amazing day, which is no surprise since everyday has been amazing!

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Today’s been pretty awesome to be honest. Everyday has actually been amazing it’s just that today has probably been the best day.  Previously we walked through the community. We got to interact with the kids, give them candy, and say “hello”/”hola”. But today we actually got to know them and interact with them more. In the morning, we (Kingsway/Mimico) helped out with a school program (while the rest of the team was back at the work site). We had three stations: Sports, Bracelet making, and Acting. I was with the sport group and seeing their face was such a blessing. The face they had when we went out there and played with them, it made a difference to them. You could see a joyful look they had, and I don’t really know how to explain. What is happening here (by the Lighthouse Project) has change their lives for the better. Without this place all of that and the Openwalls Church that we did the activities at, wouldn’t be there. The opportunity to be with these kids wouldn’ t be there. And I’m really blessed to be here and a apart of this. For the rest of the day we went back to the work site that we were working at and continued to build the walls. For the one purification system, it’s also amazing that we’re able to give our bodies as a living sacrafice. Serving the community and serving God.

I am having so much fun here! Today at the work site I learned how to lay bricks and make ‘mix’. I taught the community kids how to play ‘hot potato’ with a bouncy ball and they loved it! I have learned that the power of actions is much greater than that power of words. Looking forward to spend more time with the community kids.