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It’s bittersweet, on one hand we feel great about what we were able to accomplish this week. Laying bricks and building the walls faster than our friends in charge of construction expected. On the other hand it’s sad to leave the friends that we’ve made and partners in mission we’ve gotten to live and work beside the past eight days.

We begun the day like any other, perhaps with a few more teary eyes and a few more smiles as we met for morning worship and devos. All bags were packed the night before giving us time to have a prayer walk at key locations throughout the Lighthouse School grounds before we boarding the bus to the airport.

The flights were smooth with only a few flip flops and a water bottle either broken or needing to be left behind at customs.
Arriving back at Pearson about midnight, tired eyes met friendly smiles by parents and friends ready to take us all home to get some rest.

We’ll miss you Los Alcarrizos. We’ll miss our friends, our brother & sisters who are sharing the Light in the Dominican Republic. Hope to see you again, whether it’s soon or after a long wait.

Thanks to everyone who supported us, and prayed for us, and journeyed along with us as we’ve gone. We can’t wait to share stories, and laughs, and struggles with you soon!

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